Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jury Still Out

Well, I logged in for a bit.  About a 10 minute download for the big Dominion patch.  Still adjusting to some of the new layout.  This is only my second major upgrade since joining the game, so I'm not quite as jaded as some of the veterans.

The 'new' UI  I'm one of those that keeps resetting his Windows settings to 'classic' mode with each upgrade (thanks Bill, for being an enabler) because I don't deal with that kind of fundamental change well.  But I have no choice in this case, so I'll get used to it I'm sure.

Played with the Fleet Finder.  If I was using it correctly, I appeared to be the only person with a sec status greater than zero looking for a fleet.  Messed with the email client, but I've only recently opened a gmail account, so this whole 'labeling' thing is new to me.  But all of my historical emails are jumbled together and it seems difficult to find new emails.  I noticed that there were several CCP/ISD types in the help channel answering questions at a pretty good clip.

Checked the forums and saw the list of known issues and other player-reported issues.  May wait until the weekend to get serious about anything so that the Dominion 1.0.1 patch can clear up some of those unforseen problems.  I have faith that things will be clear in a week or so.

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