Sunday, November 29, 2009

(not quite) First Blood

My first adventure with my new corp The Protei.  We assembled a fleet of nine with 5 BSs and 4 BCs.  The mission was a simple POS-bash.  It belongs to a small corp (The Reborn Generation) and apparently had no guns deployed. 

Once we determined the system was clear we approached and opened fire....and waited...and waited....and watched the shields slooooowly go down.  At about 50% (1 hour), activity in the system started picking up.  By the time we got to about 75% (1hr45m) they brought their carrier, a BS and a BC. 

I've never been in a fight with a ship larger that a BS, so I deferred to my more experienced corp-mates.  We warped around system for a little bit and headed for the NPC station.  Once there, it seemed that momentum wained and people began to drop fleet.  The station we were in was camped.

I'm not sure what to make of this.  Part of the problem IMO was that there didn't seem to be a reason to be going after the POS.  Granted I'm new to the corp and not aware of the history...but basesd on convos, it was just for 'the fun.'  So when we failed, nobody really cared.

We had a decent-sized gang would've been fun to raise some Hell with other ships for 2 hours rather than sitting and reading blog posts on my iPhone.

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