Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Challenge

I've dabbled and hobby'd in programming since the days of copying BASIC programs into my Commodore64 in Jr. High. I minored in what was called CS in college, but the sum total was a semi-operational program written using PASCAL.

Through work I've been required to learn some T-SQL, and have written various .BAT file kludges to automate some Win functionality. If programming is a gun, I basically know which end not to point at myself.

I decided to make a concerted effort to learn a language well-enough to put together a usable app for EvE. I've chosen C++, since I have easy access to a compiler, the books are plentiful and I've had some exposure to developing in the VS environment.

I'm giving myself the month of December to see how far I get. 30+/- days to become, let's say...conversant in a new language. I hope to be able to throw together enough functions to build a usable app. Not marketable...just usable.

I'm using two books. The first I'm going through is "C++ Primer Plus, 5th Edition." As expected, it starts at the basics and I am going to force myself to actually read through things I already (think) I know. The book seems highly recommended, and is not so dry as to lead to boredom.

The blog is being maintained simply to keep a journal of my progress...maybe elicit periodic recommendations from anyone who might accidentally wander here...and hopefully it will keep me accountable and on task.

So, dear reader...if you're learning along with me, or if you have advice, please feel free to comment as I go. I welcome any and all advice.

Chap 01...

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