Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tyrannis: A Planetary Interaction Contest

"The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades." --Timbuk3

Tyrannis will see some new industrial and planetary interaction opportunities like we've never seen before in New Eden. It's a step in linking EVE Online and DUST514 as well. So I need you to write what you believe are the short and/or long term consequences of this development, in terms of the new industrial capacity in presents to players, in terms of the opportunities for pirates, for industrialist, for sovereignty, etc. Surprise us!
First off, my disclaimer: I am (at best) a hobbyist-level industrialist.  I don't own a POS, and I'm not in a nullsec corp working all of the SOV and harvesting/mining angles.

But, I AM a grain of sand in "the sandbox." And like all of the rest of you any change, major or minor affects all of us (see "The Butterfly Effect.")  At the highest level, changes to resource 'faucets' will quickly trickle to the market, then to the day-to-day player.  In retail terms, I'll be the end-user/consumer.  In theory I'll be paying the highest price (isk) for the changes.

I'm not a 'bleeding edge' player.  I don't try out the new stuff, thus won't really see the results of Tyrannis for a little while.  Much like "Dominion," I anticipate little affect on my gameplay.

Probably not the type of response CK is looking for to his contest.  But I DO think that mine reflects a large segment of the player population.  End-gamers will reap the immediate benefits, but I will see little of it.

As a gateway to Dust514, planetary interaction goes hand-in-hand with EvE-Gate, which I have higher hopes for.  I think creating the social network bridge between the 'Spacers' and the 'Grunts' is a quantum leap in gaming, if it goes to plan.

I'm optimistic about these new developments.  The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.

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  1. Thanks for your participation. The results of the contest will be announced tomorrow morning! Good luck.